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We design and develop transformative user experiences across all digital platforms

We first aim to understand what your users need and how they think – then incorporate that understanding into designing and building world-class digital products that convert.

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We balance creativity with problem-solving to build beautiful and effective
digital products

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Purpose Meets Technology

Purpose Meets Technology

We believe effective solutions start with identifying and addressing the needs of people first, then working backward towards the technology. We will use the most advanced web technologies to create bespoke digital products that will transform your business.

User-Centered Design

Good user experience design leads to higher conversion rates. We will merge effective user experience with high-quality design and brand messaging that will convert your visitors to customers.

We drive business impact

We work with organizations to build digital products that scale and make a global impact. If you are a business with an idea for a digital product you want to share with the world, we can help bring it to life.

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Flexible, and
Built to Deliver

Our team is equipped with the industry knowledge, and technological expertise to deliver world-class digital products for startups and large enterprises.

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Orba One
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Orba One

Orba One was designed with the objective of reducing the inefficiencies, complexities and tediousness...

What our Clients Say

“It was a pleasure to work with ORBA. Not very often have I been able to partner with a technology company that understands product, customer journey and applying context-driven technology stack to enable customer success. This is what I experienced when I worked with ORBA. They’re the perfect technology partner!”

CEO | Founder - McKenna Crescent Investments

S. Mark McKenna MD MBA

“Working with ORBA team was very engaging and responsive. The consistency in their customer support was refreshing and inspiring. I will recommend ORBA as the ideal technology company of choice to do your next software application ”

Chief Enterprise Architect - Grace Kennedy

Rayon Walker

We design and develop transformative user experiences across all digital platforms for small startups and large enterprises.