Orba One

Building the future of Customer
Identification in Jamaica

Revolutionizing Customer
in Jamaica

Helped an early-stage start-up create a digital identity verification platform that encourages a simplified and automated Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) process.

The objective

To solve the problem of customer identity verification in Jamaica. Orba One was re-designed with the objective of reducing the inefficiencies, complexities, tediousness and financial strain of the customer identity verification process for corporate companies and government organizations in Jamaica. The platform’s main goal was to simplify and secure the customer registration process to ensure that businesses’ customers are who they say they are.

The challenge

With a business model that had two major stumbling blocks that were stifling business growth, we had to rely on our brain trust to re-engineer Orba One’s approach before even starting to build the solution.

The outcome

Through the platform, Orba One is now helping some of the biggest and most influential organizations in Jamaica simplify and secure their customer registration process, lowering risk and minimizing costs in the process. The platform’s robust security and fluent user experience have made both its clients and their customers happy.

Driving business impact

Transformed the business model helping Orba One to establish itself as a market leader in the Identity Verification landscape.

The platform’s performance has had a significant impact on Orba One’s business as well as its clients. With our help, Orba One not only fixed their own technical problems but also identified an untapped target market through the market research we conducted for them. The company now has a steady client base who are happy with the solution being provided.

Reduce Cost

The technological advancement, efficiency, and ease of integration of Orba One’s solution has saved each of its clients about 15 million dollars.

The traditional non-automated identification verification process is a long, tedious and arduous task. Most times companies have to dedicate entire teams to this process which was being done manually prior to the introduction of Orba One’s solution. This can cost organizations millions of dollars.

Operational effeciency = Happy workers

Now with the offering of KYB checks and customization as well as more accurate webhook information for developers, Orba One has allowed their clients to move their entire verification process to one platform, reducing the load on their employees.

Stellar User Experience = Happy Customers

Orba One’s solutions have not only pleased its clients, but their clients’ customers as well. And happy customers are pivotal to the fate of every business.

An improved user experience that is loved by 95% of users

When compared to the previous user experience and functionality of the original Orba One platform, 95 percent of its users much prefer the new version as well as the added functionalities and features.


Reducing hassle,
saving time

The problem of inefficient customer identification was further exacerbated and the need for a solution increased during the pandemic as customers were forced to visit the offices of organizations in person just to submit their identification documents.

The project goals we accomplished

Before we set about re-building Orba One, we made a concerted effort to understand what their clients needed, how they think, and how Orba One could satisfy them. We incorporated the insights garnered into designing and building the platform.

These are the goals we achieved:


  • Reduced cost of verifying businesses and customers.

  • Sped up clients’ identity verification process through automation.

  • Created a clear and consistent way of verifying documents.

  • Digitized their customer/user onboarding process.

  • Reduced the number of physical documents needed for the verification process.


  • Established a consistent flow from their onboarding to the

  • Overall simplified the entire process of identity verification.

  • Reduced the amount of steps in the verification process.

  • Allowed users to verify their identities from anywhere in the world.

  • Made identification verification accessible across multiple devices.

Problems we
encountered & overcame

How we removed Orba One’s ‘Spanner in the Works’ and sent them on their way to business growth.

Orba One’s first concept was customer-focused, where customers had to download an app and upload their identification credentials. With that business model, their customers would have to go through Orba One to verify their identification, similar to the ‘Sign Up with Google’ model. Prospective clients had major objections to this as they were not comfortable with the idea of directing their customers to a 3rd party app just to use their service. There was also the issue of brand consistency. Prospective clients did not like Orba One’s brand colour clashing with their own. As a central KYC provider at the time, Orba could not appease its potential clients’ concerns by offering them white labeling. These two issues proved to be massive stumbling blocks for Orba One. With growth stunted, Orba One had to go back to the drawing board. And with the interjection of our brain trust, the business model was changed to its current SDK model, where Orba One acts as a bridge for its clients.

This change solved several problems, including
the two that were deterring potential clients –


Eliminated the need for downloading a mobile app. Orba One’s clients had to just include the web SDKs into their platform.


It also solved the branding problem because companies can customize the onboarding process for it to align with their brand.

And as they say, the rest is history –
Orba One was on its way.

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